1:41 am

I feel like I deserve more love than I receive..

1:44 – Is it love I’m looking for? Or a void that needs filling… A little bit of both, I guess. But that is fear.. How can love and fear exist in the same space? It’s possible, of course.. but not without discomfort. It is unfair to request love from another being when you are not truly ready to receive it. Love. I’ll love, love, love till the Sun burns out… and then some; but why is it that I can so readily give love, but don’t know how to receive it? What is love? This intangible energy.. This frequency.. This thing. What is this thing? We’re all looking for it… How come it’s so hard to find? ….because we forget that it must first be found within ourselves. Everywhere we look, they teach us dependency. Not partnership; dependency. “You need this!” “What would I be without him?” “You need to get married.” “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” “When are you gonna bring home a nice lady?” Blah blah BLAH. No wonder we’re so caught up! We’ve been conditioned to be!—programmed! We think what we need is someone else, but who you really need is YOURSELF. Another being can not complete you. Surely they can temporarily fill a void, but what happens once they’re gone? You’re broken. You can not let another person decide your happiness. You’re robbing yourself of genuine joy. Not only will «eye» cling to that person in fear of abandonment, parading under the name of love; but «eye» will suffocate them in an attempt to cherish them. Love is free. Love is open. Love is expansive. Love knows no limits. Love exists outside of the space-time continuum. Love is infinite. Love is you. Once you have ignited the fire within yourself, no one and nothing can extinguish it… but first you must find the flame.

4 thoughts on “1:41 am

    1. Thank you!!! «eye» am just speaking from the heart.. We live different realities, experience the same things. It is the universal consciousness//collective conscious. «eye» am glad we can relate.


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