Mood. Not really, but kinda. I’m not sure if I’m pissed or feel nothing, but I really don’t like when people try to act superior to me. Especially in terms of an argument, it’s very much a low blow when someone might actually have a point and your only way of getting back at is by doing childish things… I’ve found that you like to project your issues and emotions onto me, so you don’t have to deal with them. I suppose we all do it, but it just hurts when I receive the butt end of the stick.. especially after how hard I try. I don’t ask for anything, but love.. Sometimes that’s just hard to receive. I’ve found that I don’t know how to receive and you don’t know how to give it. I can see in your eyes that you care, but your pride wins every time.. We’re stronger when we overcome the problem, not step over it. Sometimes I feel like it’s all too deep for you.. Too much for you to handle – overwhelming. But then sometimes I think you feel the same. It’s such a mystery with you; truly love-hate..  but that’s my driving force. The duality, the balance. As much as we clash, we also fit so perfectly. We let our egos control us.. Scared to let our guards down; but the connection never dies. Our love never dies. It can’t. That’s why I tolerate your annoying ass lmao ugh. I can’t stand you and I should be mad because you’re such a jerk, but you know I can never stay mad at you… That’s why you do the things you do and play these crazy games. You like to see how many inches you can take before it becomes a mile. You act like you don’t care to keep me coming back.. You like pulling my strings. Oh, the games you play… You know what you do, at every second in every moment of life. You are always conscious. And that is why I love you.

5:46 pm

7 thoughts on “-_-

  1. I am a giver too.And if you give give give and a person is taking taking, everytime that happens they take little pieces of you eventually and then that ignites the insecuties inside of us. Its important to know your worth and to continue to give but to save some for yourself because there are takers in life who give back nothing. That’s just the world we live in. To be a giver is a gift and you should cherish that and protect it. Sometimes we have to do so even with those we love the most.


    1. Thank you, beautiful. That means the world. I definitely understand.. Sometimes it’s rough, when love is the catalyst.. But I’ll continue to follow my intuition and let it lead me to the light.. I’ll walk in it. 💜


  2. Well in an an argument egos always seem to get in the way some how. Even if a person is making a good point its ok, always know that you have a voice too and never second guess that. You are strong and worthy and when you project that energy then you will receive it no matter who it is. If your energy is inferior to a next person then thats how you will be treated. People feed off our energy. This is more so about yourself, than it is about the other person. Never carry the burdens and issues of others they are not yours to carry. Your in control of only “you”.


    1. Ahhhhhh truth. That is the truth. At the end of the day, we attract the energy we emit.. So we must always emit the right energy. Although we may think we’re doing right, or think our intentions may be good.. Sometimes there’s more to story. Thank you


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