You’re like the key 

You don’t need the key..

But you need the key.

You’re like the icing on the cake

Everything’s just better with you 

You make me feel so special

You know what to say..

Those little winks you give

and smirks you hide

You know what you do

which means.. 

You know what you do

Why pretend when you know it’s real?

What more do you need?

But who am I to talk lol HA

I always think I can find better

and then I don’t.

Our connection is irreplaceable.


Together, we’re an unstoppable force

We create this energy 

that most can not find 

We bring light to the dark

It scares them

It’s scary

It scares me 

We’re so young….

How is this possible?

Is this even real?

Sooooo real

You know it..

We know it,

That’s why we’re scared of it.

We need to operate out of love..

at all times.

What is there to be afraid of?

Everything will come into fruition,

as long as we follow the right path

But we’re young..

We want to explore,

to see more

There has to be more to life,

this can’t be all it is.. 


That’s why we do dumb shit

We’re kids. 

Let’s live 


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