Something of Substance, maybe..

It’s 12:40 am. July 22, 2016. I’m sitting on my bed, hiding under my blanket with my knees keeping it up like a fort. 15 minutes ago, my little brother silently climbed into my bed and sat aside me… and is now asleep. And snoring. I’m thinking of moving him to my mom’s room…… Lol. So now that you know what I’m doing, I figured I’d wear my heart on my sleeve tonight. I wanted to leave with a little more than some arbitrary entry post.

Life is so confusing. Confusing……. And interesting, and every single day.. It surprises me. Sometimes I feel like I’m able to piece it all together, but then life comes… Tornadoing through all your hopes, dreams, expectations, and desires; but I guess that’s the beauty of it. I mean, what fun would life be if we knew what was going to happen every moment of it? Life is about adventure. Taking risks. Living on the edge. Traveling. Enjoying yourself. Being you. At the end of the day,  life will always circle back to integrity, because who are we if not ourselves? 

Being you…. What does that mean? Who am I? What is a “you”? One of the most cliche questions of all time. “Who are you?” That question makes my heart race and mind blank. Well shit, I don’t know. Who am I? What does that mean??? I…eye. I am what I see. I am what «eye» see. I’ve found that the body is solely a vessel for the spirit. This flesh is not what decides my destiny.. It can not create my legacy.. It can not live forever.. It is temporary. You aren’t even the thoughts that race through your mind everyday… You are the observer. You are the consciousness, the spirit that carries the flesh. While I do find it necessary to live in the present and always improve our circumstances, we must never forget that our materialism will die with our bodies… and then, how much does it really matter? We hone in on these superficial lifestyles too much.. We forget to appreciate life as it is.. We forget about the simple things.. We expect too much.. We want too much.. We become greedy. When is enough, enough? We indulge, indulge, indulge til the pot overflows. Well, damn! How much more stuff do you need? Do you even have the space??? Trust me! I have quite the expensive taste, but I know there’s more to life.. Life isn’t about the money, cars, and clothes… Yes, it’s nice; but is that what people will say about you at your funeral? That you had nice clothes? And even if they did, would you even want them to?? How shallow can you get? I believe that the memories are in the joy we experienced, the unforgettable memories, the people we’ve touched, those who’ve touched us, the places we’ve gone, the languages we’ve learned, the culture we’ve experienced, the LIFE. Lifeeeeeeeee! Life is meant to be lived! There’s endless ways to live it… Just make sure you follow YOUR path, not the template.

2 thoughts on “Something of Substance, maybe..

  1. Blessings wise words young soul we all ask ourselves these questions. I look forward to reading more. Blessings ❤💛💚


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