the Empath and the Narcissist 

I truly feel like I’ve found my twin flame. It’s crazy – fucking insane, I know.. My little secret (hehe) but I do. I truly feel like so. But at this point, I feel like it is a case of empathy and narcissism. I give, give, give all I have to you.. I give me to you. And I receive nothing in return. All you do is take. You just take, take, take from me until the well is dried up. You are so cold sometimes, so wicked. You choose to operate out of fear. You’re afraid of giving your love to me because you’re afraid I’ll destroy it. I promise, my love – I would never do anything to hurt you.. I want to protect you, I don’t want anything to happen to you.. You’re so special, so precious. You’re golden.. But to me, you’re frozen. You love me, but you can’t show it. I love you and I can’t help but show it. I’m afraid to receive your love because I feel unworthy. I feel like I’m not good enough for you.. Like you could find someone better; and then I go the extra mile, in hopes that you don’t. Clearly that doesn’t mean much to you.. and if it does, you’re damn good at hiding it. You act so tough. You act impenetrable. I know I get to you.. Do I get to you? Do you hear me, ever? You’re so sweet to all the people around you, but to me, you’re a monster. I know you love me, but you push me away.. What are you scared of? I only want to love you. I know I can be controlling, but I promise my intentions are good. I’m scared you’ll leave me. I’m scared you’ll find someone better. After all, I finally got this chance.. You’re finally here and it’s all so special and so romantic, but I guess this is that time. Ugh. Whatever. We’ll get through it, I hope. I love you, and that’s why I’ve decided to let you go. I’ll always be here, ready to love you until stars burn out.. but I am not your punching bag. Do not take my kindness for weakness. I will not fall victim to all your mental abuse.. I see through you. – and I still love you. Because I know, underneath allllllll your bullshit, there lies an angel. Waiting to be liberated. You just have to find Him first. He’s there. Stop letting your pride misguide you.

6:17 pm

7 thoughts on “the Empath and the Narcissist 

  1. Hey Selah! ☺I know I texted u on snapchat but I have a couple of questions. 1)You’re soooo freaking eloquent and intellectual. What did you do to be so smart? I mean I’m spiritual and intellectual but you’re on a pedestal right now. 2) MLH’s song Consumerism exposes this filthy place called Earth. But I can’t seem to comprehend her lyrics. Can you elucidate the song more? I love y’all Selah and you’re an amazing person.! ❤


    1. Hi!! Ummmm I don’t know!! Thank you though! I just think.. A LOT. I’ve also always been in very high level classes growing up and always took education seriously.. I was also homeschooled when I was younger, so that really set the tone lol. Thank you though, I really appreciate your recognition. Truthfully, I’d have to re-listen to the song, but I believe she’s alluding to the current state of the times. How people always feed into their egos and just take, take, take. We’re too focused on the media, celebrities, cars, clothes, money, SEX – we can’t see our true selves. We’re blinded by the dark, so seeing the lights almost feels impossible, if not out of reach. All these distractions the government and media feeds us.. We operate out of fear, too often. We’re conditioned and programmed to operate out of fear, to stay into ur lower chakras; our shadow self; our id.. our EGO. We’re lost in the fastidious times…


      1. Thanks for letting me know that! That’s really eye opening and true. I’ll always remember how your mom said “fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need.” It’s gone insanelyyy far and there is not many people who are thinking like us.. I really wanna reach out and touch my school but their, uh, worldly.. & it’s kinda hard trying to pinpoint and discern who’s really psychologically intact.. But yeah thank you lots!! ❤❤ and I will keep watching your blogs. 😊


  2. I feel like you wrote this with insight into my own experience of love. I want to unpeel the false layers and seek the natural source of him, spiritually connect, give all that I am. His inner core is soft and gentle but his pride is fierce and his manner rough. He fears that by offering his vulnerability it is weakness. We created life, I’ve grown his child, I know his heart is good. Everyday he faces the world armoured and protected, scared to experience pain, or growth of self. I feel we are combined energies but not at this time, not now, and so today I let him go.


    1. That was beautiful. I respect your strength and integrity because I know how challenging -love- is. They say it’s easy but truthfully it takes dedication, commitment, and evolution. Blessings to you ❤️


  3. I believe we connect with some people more than others for a reason. I can’t decide if that’s because we spiritually connect at a higher level we don’t understand, or whether we have experienced the same level of personal growth, or whether it’s because we recognise a link through previous ancestry/ generations. I believe each generation leaves a blueprint to the next, not something the mind can access at a whim but an instinct deep within that enables us to evolve and improve from the past. I wonder when you connect with people, whether it be romantically, or just haphazardly was it all pre-determined. Was there a reason the connection was to be made, be it large or small. Did our ancestors know each other and seek the reconnection, did we come from a similar energy, did we both need to learn something from each other or from the experience we shared. Today I’m mourning a little. Its easy to become attached to the idea of a fantasy. I was living out my own ideas of life and what I wanted without being certain that the person I had cast for the lead role was actually wanting to share in the same script. I’m not sure if we’ll reconnect, I’m not sure if I want that to be an option. You can love somebody but know that it is best for you to walk away and leave love with them. It might not be reciprocal and as much as that hurts it’s ok because you can’t control love you can only learn from it. The more I learn the closer and higher I become. You are so wise for your years, I am excited for you. The personal growth you have achieved in such a short time is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it inspires me to reconnect with the little girl inside of me who I often neglect.


    1. Sooooo beautiful and soooooo true. I think there is so much truth in your words; I definitely think there is a connection between destiny and free will.. I feel like it was all written, but at the end of the day, we still have a choice. Kinda crazy, I guess there’s two options – ego or spirit & if you abide by ego, u gotta do another round (incarnation). I definitely think it was all put in place by cosmic order… It just falls into place so easily.


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