Good Morning

Morning! It’s 10:38 am & I’ve just woke up. My brother came in here 15 minutes ago, trying to wake me up… and I wanted to smash his teeth in. -_-

Anyway, hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying my blog so far and I just want to keep the flame running! I’m so glad you guys have found peace with my words, and can relate to me.. I genuinely just speak from my experiences, but that is one of the most beautiful aspects of life… I think that is the point – to live in our individuality while still supporting each other as a community. Hmmm I may not be wording it properly, but I’ve found that each living being on this Earth experiences a different reality than everyone else. We experience different lifestyles, different circumstances, different trials and tribulations, and different achievements. However, at the end of the day, we’re always able to relate back to one another. That is the beauty – the Universal Consciousness//Collective Unconscious (Freud). The beauty is that we all experience different things, but we all go through the same things… That’s why we must be given the freedom to learn. You can not stifle one’s growth, or force them into a path they were not destined to walk because you can only understand the universal consciousness from YOUR truth. Not anyone else’s truth that you’ve been forced to live, because that is not your truth.. That is a lie. In living a lie, you may find success in materialism. Yeah, you may get the money, clothes, and the cars… but will that help you sleep at night? Can cars tuck you in at night? And hug you when you’re lonely? Or even kiss you? Can a car truly be your friend? … That is why we need to stop forcing ourselves into these holes and boxes that weren’t meant for us. Trust me, when you walk YOUR path, all the other stuff will come… That shit is nothing, honestly. But if you bind yourself to the physical realm, then it becomes everything… However, as everything as it is.. Your soul knows the truth. Your spirit knows the truth – and that is why it creates an empty, barren feeling inside of us. To be completely honest, why do you think so many CEOs of multi-billionaire companies end up committing suicide? Because 1) they probably fucked millions of people over along the way, so karma/the universe coming back for that ass and they want to avoid it… Seriously, how much fucked up shit do you have to do in life, or how far off your path must you be, to want to kill yourself? Now I know how sensitive this topic is, but we must speak truthfully. The universe would never put you in a position you could not succeed in… No matter how tough. But you must have FAITH in yourself, your path, and your God//the universe. Once you stray from the path the universe set up for you, THAT is when you are in trouble. THAT is when notions of suicide come knocking around the corner and severe bouts of depression… You’ve strayed away from your truth. You’ve lost your light.

Beautiful people, don’t EVER let yourselves lose your light!!! We were put on this Earth, this physical realm for a VERY specific reason.. One that only you know for yourself.. One that only Β«eyeΒ» know. But first, we must see past these dense walls that we were bound to. First, we must transcend. Life is nothing, if not a challenge. We can’t succeed if we do not evolve. Evolution brings discomfort. Don’t mistake that for losing your light.. We must purge and eradicate ourselves of these negative energies, so we can ascend… So we can find higher truths and experience higher realms… Bliss, I tell you.

Love is pain. Pain is growth. Growth is evolution. Evolution is necessary.

Live in your truth, beautiful. Only you know what it is, and that is the beauty of it.

10:56 am

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is really exciting for me to read your blog. I find truth in all you say, and it’s very inspiring how you convey all your Knowledge and thoughts. There are a lot of hidden truths the world doesn’t know about. The messages are truly needed especially in this time. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us. Peace and blessingsπŸŽ†


  2. I don’t usually leave comments anywhere but every word you write speaks to me especially this one. Your self knowledge from your experiences is very inspiring as i am trying to find my truth but day by day i see aspects being revealed. I am glad you started this blog.. I take with me today that “Pain is growth.” I thank you.

    -an island gal Samantha


  3. Hola, espero que el idioma no sea una barrera, soy de Venezuela. Lo que tengo para decir que es muy interesante saber como piensas, muchas veces creemos que las personas como en tu caso, que tienen esa herencia y la fortuna de tener una abuelo y una madre famosos, no tengas problemas o no piense como yo una simple mortal. Es curioso saber que tengamos pensamientos y sentimientos similares. Ese es el problema de las etiquetas que uno le coloca a la gente y cuando las conoces entonces entiendes que lo material no te define. Tu tienes mucho y yo tengo poco (en lo material) y al leer veo que como humanos coincidimos en muchas cosas.

    Eres hermosa, sigue adelante con tu blog me encanto!!! Creo que puedes aportar mucho. Bendiciones para tu vida…


    1. Thank you!! I was actually able to understand the bulk of what you were saying & I appreciate your words and understand exactly what u mean.. That’s bc material items do not make a human.. Our experiences do, our thoughts, our emotions.. That’s what set people apart.. But I’m so glad you and I are able to relate, I hope I can continue to inspire you w my words πŸ’š


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