Release the Ties

Preface: I started writing this two days ago while I was in The Bahamas and then my beautiful cousin, Zuri came in my hotel room and I had to say goodnight to this post; BUT here I am to complete it!
Good evening, beautiful souls!!!! Firstly, thank you for all your comments, input, and support – it means the world to me!!! I’m so glad I can relate to you guys through my experiences and offer healing and guidance to you, and myself. It’s so beautiful when we can help each other through our words and experiences.. Simply speaking the issue lifts loads of weight off your back.. Bask in the glory 🙂
Today was quite an eventful day for me! I feel free. I feel liberated. I feel like I have purged all my negative energy. I feel like I am ready to transcend. While I still have a lot to learn, I feel like I am now ready, grounded, and stable to step forward and walk my path with the right mindset, in the right shoes. Today, I experienced a spiritual awakening.. Through sacrifice almost. I had a powerful, healing conversation with my father today.. One that I’ve been meaning to have for a while. One that someone needed to say and bring up. One that broke the ties, and healed us all.. One that set a different path – that broke the karma; because it is a very private matter, I choose not to disclose it on my blog.. But just know, I am free. We got to the core. Right before I had that conversation, or should I even say what prompted the conversation, I cut, no sliced my foot on a broken glass bottle (I really don’t know wtf did it) and my foot was bleeding profusely for at least an hour and a half…. If you don’t believe me……. ​

I’m sorry. I had to. Lol. However, I realized shortly after that cut and the conversation with my dad, to look up the spiritual meaning of the feet and blood…

The feet, or foot chakra is “where the divine energy returns back to the Source.” We receive an open flow of consciousness through our crown chakra, and as it travels through our body/chakra centers, it is eventually released through the foot chakra – it swirls like a little tide pool, then leaves. However, the energy truly is not supposed to swirl.. It is just supposed to leave. The swirling of the energy are like energy blockages, hindering it from returning to the source. Our feet connect us to the Mother Earth. The right foot represents, and connects us to the divine masculine energy, while the left foot represents, and connects us to the divine feminine energy. (The right actually always represents masculine energy while left represents feminine energy.. but that’s another topic I’ll have to discuss later!) 

Furthermore, if you’ve ever heard of reflexology, you’d know that each part of the foot connects to a certain part of the body. I’ll show you a picture though because it’s quite complex and detailed.

It’s a little blurry, but as you can see, it connects. Lol. SO, it just so happened that I cut deep into my right first toe.. and it cut into the part of my toe that connects to the pineal gland. Ah. Once I discovered that, almost the knowledge and understanding of that right there liberated me. I feel free.

I truly felt like this because of the amount of blood I was losing.. Probably a quart. Blood is the vitality of the spirit.. It is what keeps us going. 

It is in the blood that we have the flow of the current that sustains life and as the element that integrates all the physical and metaphysical functions of the organs. 

Once I put all these factors together and the fact that I had that conversation with my father, I quickly realized that I experienced a spiritual cleanse… and I have never felt freer since.

 «eye» have ascended. 

«eye» feel like I bled for other people.. I feel like I bled for my father, my little sister, my brothers, my mother.. I feel like «eye» sacrificed a part of myself, so we could all transcend.. This is truly where empathy comes into play… in the physical realm. With the amount of blood that «eye» released, I felt like a new being..

I think that’s why I didn’t cry about any of this or even complained. «eye» know it was the next step.


11:39 am
1:06 pm

Update!! I just took my bandage off my toe and saw/remembered that the wound is literally an upwards triangle. Dude that literally solidified everything I said. In Hindu religion/spirituality, the upwards triangle represents the divine masculine energy (Shiva) and the downwards triangle represents the divine feminine energy (Shakti).. The 6-pointed star is the balance between both.. “As above, so below.. As within, so without.” I’m not sure of the deity that represents this one, I have to further my research, but I highly recommend you guys check it out! I’ll end with some pictures [my toe included (: ]

1:23 pm

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