Hey guys. I’m here to remind you to always stand in your truth… Never let anyone sway your conviction or your belief. 

He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

However, you must first cultivate your path… You must first find the light that guides you. Don’t let anyone steer you from your path.. Don’t let anyone misguide you.. To let someone misguide you is to misguide yourself. Develop your Merkaba.. Find the balance. Become the observer. You are more than the Darkness.. You are also the Light. We are the Creators to this Realm. We are in Control of our Destiny..

There are Demons we must fight.. Tragedies we must overcome. You can not let it defeat you. You are infinite. 

«eye» am (in)finite.

You will locate your truth within.. No one can dictate your Truth for you; that would be living a Lie. Stand tall, stand clear, and stand Alone. 

Everything you need is already with you.



Don’t forget that spirituality and science are intrinsically linked.. There is a reason science is finite and spirituality is (in)finite. The Spirit is eternal.. The Spirit is (in)ternal.. Science is a beautiful tool, but it is of the (E)go.. It is (ex)ternal. The Truth will always be found within. Science is constantly playing catch up with Spirituality because Knowledge is as limited as our perception. Spirit knows no bounds. Spirit is open, expansive, and everlasting. Spirit is Love. Spirit is Christ Consciousness. Follow it. Follow yours. Trust.. It is a network, so «eye» am always listening… 💜

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