10:21 am

Hi guys. I just wanna start off by saying thank you to those who’ve read my blog and especially those who enjoy it. I really appreciate your support and kind words. Lately has been kind of interesting for me.. idk where I’ve been. Sometimes I feel like I’m straying from my path.. Sometimes I feel like I need to remain a balance.. and most of the time I’m just an extremist. Lol, but you know when you feel like you’ve been doing soooooo much good work and then everything just slooooooooows down. Why?? Sometimes it feels like the cosmic energy and sometimes it just feels like me. Sometimes I’m lost and idk what to do with myself. Oftentimes, I fear doing things because I have such hiiiiiiiigh standards to live up to. It’s like, I wanna do all these things and accomplish everything possible, but then it just feels so distant. Sometimes I’m just confused. Am I on the right path? Am I doing the right things? Who’s to say I am? Who’s to say I’m not? I guess that’s only a question I can ask myself, and of course, only «eye» know the answer.. but sometimes I just lose myself. Lose myself, in the mix.. Lose myself, in the tides.. of time. 

I let life pass me by, so often. I believe it’s partially because of my environment and mainly because of my procrastination, but I spend so much time watching the clock that they’re just numbers to me. Idk. Time doesn’t affect me like most people, and «eye» know that I exist outside of this space-time continuum that we bind ourselves to in this physical realm, but at the end of the day.. This is the world I’m living in. 

«eye» can’t run forever. 

2 thoughts on “10:21 am

  1. Sometimes stillness is the best gift the universe can give you. It allows you those moments to hear what you need to guide your path, listen to your inner voice, and the answers you search for.Often times we get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle and things slow down so that you can do exactly what your doing now searching for answers, finding who you are.


  2. You’ve already done more professionally than 99.5% of everyone else. You could retire today and still have had a nice lil run modeling 😉 what you’re maybe unaware of is that you are already superior in looks & mind to most chicks, and anyone judging you is inferior to you, so their judgment is null. If you’re thinking you want to sing but feel like your mom’s the best singer eva, then think of how different moods call for different music = what you sing will touch people in moods your mom’s music wouldn’t. It’s like ice cream: Rocky Road might be the best, but sometimes you want Chocolate Chip Mint or Cookie Dough. You really gotta sing your heart out & expect somewhere, somebody’s bound to enjoy it. Maybe not the whole world, but you gotta remember, you aint here to impress people. You’re here to do you and whoever is impressed, that’s your audience. The internet favors the underdog. You don’t even need to be embraced by mainstream media. You could get an internet cult fan base who goes to your local shows; then from there awareness of your craft spreads. Eventually somebody’s gonna want to sign you cuz you’ll have an established cult following that label can bring to a wider audience. I honestly don’t think anyone in their right mind wants you to be a duplication of your mom. It’d be much fresher if you were a totally new performance, a voice of a new cadence. We all want the new! You’re more in demand than you realize simply by being the unheard. Newness in itself is a hot commodity. The ONLY reason your famous relatives will be mentioned @ all will be to entice people to your audience = it’s pretty much click-bait/marketing strategy to align you with your famous relatives. And that works in your favor! The comparisons would only be relevant if you tried to do your mom’s or grandfather’s style. But if you aren’t like them creatively then your style is not comparable. E.g. don’t sing Killing Me Softly or any songs your mom sings cuz THEN there’s a window of comparison. Deny haters the fuel to compare; to the point they’re starved and forced to realize you are bringing something different to the table and they can love it or leave it. I will tell you what i have observed = a lot of people comment on photos of you that don’t look anything like your mom, and they will say “you’re your mom’s twin” lol it’s like noooooo, they are insane = you can’t trust them to judge your music if they can’t even SEE you and not see your mom. They aint in their right mind so you don’t gotta worry about what they think. I’d say in about 10% of your photos you resemble your mom; but in 95% of the comments people see your mom’s resemblance. Cuz they don’t know what else to say, so reflexively blurt “you resemble your mom.” I think you’ll gradually go through phases where some pics you’ll look like your mom & some pix you’ll resemble ya dad, but I’ve seen pics of you looking like Rihanna & Beyonce and people comment “She looks just like Lauryn;” and i’m wondering “wtf r they looking at?” But that is what you are up against in the psyche of the masses. It will take you a while to be accepted for the impressive individual you are. Trust, you can stand on your own. You are very beautiful, sing good as far as i have heard: haven’t heard much tho, but i like your singing I’ve heard so far. & your mind is 2nd to none! so, you aint gotta worry about not matching up with legends. You’re a high quality person, very solid compared to anyone at all, past or present. And that instrumental you made was fire!!!!!! You might be a natural producer, Selah. I aint even thought you did that beat, that’s how dope it was. I was like (after learning you made it) “Selah did that? Nah, for real?!?” I thought you just uploaded a professional’s melody, so… production is very possibly your niche!


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