9:32 pm

My pride is my worst enemy. Although, I make a conscious effort to overcome it – I think we all fall victim to our ego, every once in a while. It just sucks when it fucks up something good. Sometimes I just don’t know how to, I’m not sure why. The worst part is when you realize how stupid you were acting – after the damage is done. :/ 

«eye» fear vulnerability. As much as «eye» love, it’s so hard for me to truly show it sometimes. Rather than really verbalizing it, I try to do things for people; hoping that’d be a better method of showing my love. I guess it’s not sufficient… and I’m not talking about those empty compliments and flattery – I mean, real love. And love, can come in m(any) forms.. Believe it or not. I think that’s what I have trouble recognizing at times. Is it still love even if you never say it? Lol. Who am I to speak? 

It’s funny. The world is a mirror, truly. 99.9% of the problems you find in other people, can probably also be found with(in). I’ve come to realize that lately..

Love, love, love.. Am I crazy for missing you this much? Do you feel the same? Is it just me? I hope it’s not just me.. Love me back, please. Show it, at least. Be true to me. Be true to you. Be you. I won’t hurt you. I promise. 

2 thoughts on “Pride

    1. You don’t have to say the words I love you to feel love. Love is a flow of energy, a vibration. Sometimes love is unspoken but you know it exist, you feel it. If you had a person who was deaf,mute and blind how would they experience love. Now don’t get me wrong it always feels good to hear I Love U.


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