Is time cyclical or linear?
Yes, history does repeat itself.. but you can’t use that as an excuse to sit back and WAIT. Time is always moving. We are always existing in a different threshold.. in the eternal now. Is time cyclical? Because I think I’ve been here before. I’m not sure what to believe. I can never get it back. Not one moment of it.. but somehow it always feels the same. Is time cyclical or are we? We go around and around and around on this terrestrial terrain.. waiting for our time. But if the time is now, what are we waiting for?
Is time cyclical or are numbers? 0123456789.. repeat. The problem is that we define time with numbers, but who created the intervals? Who decided what a second would be? Who decided what the minute would hold? They tried to put my life in their hands, but they didn’t know.. I would outgrow, all these limitations and restraints. Meant to hinder you and hold you back. To keep you waiting and waiting and waiting.. but time never does. Even when we do nothing, we are still doing something. We are always doing. For every moment, there is an action. Why do we get lost in the numbers? Money.. clocks.. we look to count up and up and up; but to get where? To no avail, unfortunately. So thirsty for something we’ll never attain. What is the most amount of money? It doesn’t exist.. so why are we chasing an abyss? Didn’t they tell you about eternity?

Didn’t they warn you about infinity? A blessing and a curse.. depending on which path you follow. But often, we forget that our souls are hollow. We weigh ourselves down.. heavy on our hearts.. with all that is temporal. We’re caught up in time.. lost in the past, waiting for the future.. but what about NOW? All we have is right now. All that exists is right now. Now is the past, present, and future.. all occurring simultaneously. If it’s all relative, what are we holding on to? We hold onto different moments of now because we’re uncomfortable with this one. Why not liberate thyself? Why not take every single chance and opportunity to find your Self? Of course, it’s an endless journey.. but wouldn’t you rather chase after you instead of something else? Why not take all that energy and put it back into your Self? I promise you’ll reach new heights. I promise you’ll know what true power is. You just gotta try. 

We search for our Selves in things that lack meaning and substance. We search for our Selves because we’re on the quest for happiness and bliss; but we’re lost because we don’t know where to start. Little do you know, you’re always at the start line. Little do you know, even simple questions can bring you the insight you’ve always searched for. What is it you’re searching for? Do you think money, clothes, and cars equate to happiness? What will you do when you reach the top and find that there is nothing there?
Love. We lack love. We lack LOVE. To love is to live. Open your heart. Raise your frequency. Be compassionate and free. Why live in fear when you don’t have to? We’ve had fear instilled into our hearts and minds because THEY were afraid of what we are capable of. They distract you with nice items and limit you with rules.. so you can only go so far. So you can only touch the top.. of their box. 

THERE IS NO SUCH THING. All there is, is what your mind perceives.. and even that is an illusion. Everything you’re scared of isn’t real. It’s what you perceive it to be. Don’t cloud your mind with lies and fallacies when life could be so simple. Yes, balance. We all deserve truth and balance. But that can only be found within. The way you view the world is the way you view yourself. Our realities are mental. All we have is our mind and images.. after that, it’s about where your mind takes you. Stop being a slave to your Self and take control
Self control. Discipline. Knowledge. Wisdom. Awareness. 
Free yourself so you can BE YOUR SELF. 

2 thoughts on “30.000 

  1. Deeply impactful message. I appreciate this one. In this human culture, we’re taught to “find ourselves”, or seek to identify, with something…someone… or an essence, that is external from ourselves…and that external thing, is always conceived by another being, other than ourselves…keep carrying the torch, showing us how to “get out of all their boxes”…with all of the confinement and limitations that come with them.
    Grace and Peace


  2. if you’re a slave to love, how is it superior to being a slave to time? love is essentially servitude. it’s agreeing to serve. so promoting love is promoting servitude. do you ever get suspicious of who decided to promote love/servitude to the masses?

    true, the clock is for keeping slaves orderly but what has love done for you? it’s CONtained you to the prison of hoping 1 particular man returns to you. it’s a BOX you’re stagnating in, that you’re daily wishing that man you love will open that box and join you inside it. so how is love not a box/prison, just as time is, imprisoning your mind.

    you’ve been lamenting this lost love forever. his boys must clown him about it; saying to him “ya ex really loco, bro. she still online yearning for you before all the world.” what’s crazy is he proly like you but your clingyness repels him. he proly would like you more if you forgot about him and went out and became a star. then he’ll want you back fast, watch.

    he only resist you cuz he has you so easy. make it hard, damn… let him think he lost you and i bet he return. cuz he def gotta love being loved so much by a woman pretty/passionate as you, but you def repelling him by publicly yearning for him.

    guys be bored when they get someone easy. more precisely, guys will be MORE likely to go for a woman who aint their ideal, if she’s hard to get.

    i personally will begin liking an aight gurl, if there’s an attitude to her like where she feel self-worth above what her looks appear to deserve.

    in fact, a woman would have to be superiorly perfect in every way for me to enjoy her if i got her easy. thrill of the chase is REAL.

    but i also believe your INTENTION is to repel this lost love.

    the reason why is bcuz you don’t want him. yet you crave him cuz he won: he stole your heart, so a part of you wants him back to vindicate your ego’s loss.

    but the true you doesn’t want him and that’s why you repel him on purpose under the guise of craving him.

    you may want him back just to reject him, to even the score. then you’ll feel free to leave. vindicated


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