2 thoughts on “1NightinParis

  1. The reason people are drawn to you but then repelled is because you have an invite-to-reject defensiveness about you. So people will be naturally drawn to you like a great view, but upon approaching the view a glass window presents itself. You seem like you’re easily attainable (not saying easy to sex, btw) but the reality presents itself that you are only interested in surface interaction and once that’s detected people back away from you. You seem interested in everything which makes you appealing, but tho you present yourself as gregarious and social, you really want nothing to do with who are drawn to you and they figure that out. You’re like a beautiful oracle who everyone falls in love with but once we walk up to the oracle we realize the oracle is not human but a crystal robot who says everything we love but isn’t real. no one can know the crystal oracle beauty because she’s on display, yet not for sale. She’s a mannequin who stays in the store, alluring us into the store, but she isn’t one of the take-home items; yet she is why we’re in the store. Your social image is pump-faking. You draw us toward you by being impressive but once we realize you’re a display item, not a real person whose life is enterable, we leave. You asked why you draw people to you then repel them. Because that is what you desire to do. To attract to reject. People catch on.


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